Marshall's father, uncle and grandfather have been part of 80 years of regional landscape history, supplying and planting collected native plant stock across the mid-Atlantic region. Plantings during the early development of Duke Gardens for the esteemed New York landscape architect, Ellie Biddle Shipman, lent a legitimacy to their trade that was hard to come by in the mountains of that time.

Education at Montreat-Anderson and WCC preceeded time spent in textile management and years of business constructing custom built motorcycles. The sale of the motorcycle business opened the door for the investment in landscape as a new business venture and cast the die for years to come.

National attention garnered through magazine features along with multiple landscape awards opened the door for an ever expanding and loyal clientle that proved the path chosen was the right choice.

Moving forward into the new century with son Natt as the general manager and field supervisor, the professionalism and cohesive design developed over the years will continue to be our trademark.



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